Workshop Format

To maximize the interaction between participants and the resulting progress, during the workshop we will apply a combination of interactive sessions:

  • A motivating keynote that sets the scene and engages the participants.
  • An introduction session in which participants describe and exemplify a challenge and/or a concrete solution they contribute to the workshop. Each presentation is limited to 10 minutes (morning hours).
  • A “speed-datingsession, in which participants are engaged in a time-limited discussion with each other. The goal of this session is to identify the potential synergies among the participants’ interests (early afternoon hours).
  • A collaboration session that focuses on presenting and summarizing the identified synergies and establishing long-term collaboration among the participants (late afternoon hours).
  • A workshop dinner which provides further opportunities for exchange of ideas and networking in an informal setting.

In previous workshops with similar objectives this format proved to be engaging and ensured a very interactive and motivating atmosphere.