• We have extended the deadline for submissions to 15 February 2019.
  • InterAVT 2019 is taking place Saturday, 6 April 2019, at the beginning of ETAPS 2019.

Workshop Theme

Modern verification and testing techniques are highly relevant for industrial software- intensive systems. Recent technological trends (e.g., the new dominating role of software in traditional domains like automotive and aerospace, the arrival of autonomous and “smart” systems in everyday life) only increase the need for industrial-scale robust approaches.

Nevertheless, there are still many barriers that hinder the application of modern verification and testing techniques in industrial practice.

Barriers and challenges include for instance:

  • Industrial scale and complexity of “real” systems (transfer and scale-up of research prototypes)
  • Usability/feasibility of formal techniques in practice (packaging novel approaches in usable tools)
  • New system paradigms, which make systems harder to model/analyze/verify/test (e.g., autonomous systems, machine learning)
  • Domain-specific challenges and constraints, e.g., in safety-critical systems like automotive, aerospace, medical systems
  • Research approaches targeting problems that lead to publishable results, but are disconnected from industrial practice.

Many of these challenges can only be tackled with increased communication and collaboration between academic researchers and industrial practitioners.

Consequently, the InterAVT workshop aims for the following workshop objectives:

  • Attract industry participants, bring researchers and practitioners together
  • Foster communication between people working on similar problems
  • Establish new links and opportunities for collaboration between participants from different backgrounds
  • Encourage report on the resulting progress at ETAPS conferences or workshops